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Medicare Supplement, (Medigap) Insurance Quotes No Hassels – No Pressure – Ever!


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Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:

At MedicareNational.com, you can compare Medicare Supplement quotes from all of the major companies in your area for Medigap plans or, Medicare Supplement Insurance, as well as Medicare Advantage plans and Prescription Drug plans.

MedicareNational.com is a trusted online brokerage and we will never sell, or share your information with anyone.

The key to understanding a Medicare Supplement quote is that most Medicare Supplement plans are standardized.

What this means is that a Plan F from Company 1 offers the same exact benefits as a Plan F from Company 2. The only main difference is the price.

For example, a Plan F from Company 1 might cost $111 per month, and the same exact plan F from Company 2 might cost $198 per month.


Benefits of a Medicare Supplement:

1. Freedom!

There are no networks. Any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare will accept your Supplemental insurance.

2. Predictability

With a Medicare Supplement, you can predict with nearly 100% accuracy the cost of your medical expenses.


Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplement Basics

Q. What exactly is a Medicare Insurance Supplement?

A.  A Medicare Insurance Supplement works with (or along side of) Original Medicare to fill in the gaps that Medicare does not pay. This is why it is often called “Medigap Insurance”.

Q. Which Medicare Supplemental Plans do you offer?

A. Medicare Supplemental Plans differ by state. Call us today and we can compare Medicare Supplement plans in your area to find out which one is the right fit for you.

Medicare Supplement Freedom

Q. Is an Insurance Medigap plan the same as a Medicare Advantage plan?

A. No. A Medicare Advantage plan work “in the place of Medicare.” When you get one of these plans, you don’t lose Medicare, but the plan provides your medical coverage instead of Medicare.

Q. With Medicare Supplement Insurance, will I be in a network?

A. No. With Medicare Supplement Insurance, you can go see any doctor or hospital that will accept Medicare.

For example, Mrs. Jones lived in one state and her grand kids lived in another state. Mrs. Jones loved to travel to see her grand kids, but she was concerned that she wouldn’t have medical coverage. When Mrs. Jones got a Medicare Supplement F, she was able to have a doctor in her own state and in the state where her grandchildren lived. In addition, because she had good coverage, all of her medical costs were totally predictable.

Medicare Supplemental Premiums and Companies

Q. Do the premiums for Medicare Supplements stay the same, or do they go up?

A. Over time, the premiums for Medicare Supplements do go up, but the increases are generally very stable and are much lower than the cost for medical care.

Q. How do I know if I need insurance to supplement Medicare?

A. If you have Medicare without any other coverage (such as through your employer), you need insurance to supplement Medicare. It is important to keep in mind that Medicare does not pay for all of your medical costs. When you are healthy, it may not seem like a big deal, but if you get sick, your share of medical costs can add up very quickly.

Q.  What Medicare Supplement companies do you represent?

A. We represent many different Medicare Supplement companies in your area, including Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement, Blue Shield Medicare Supplement, Gerber Medicare Supplement and many more. All of the companies we represent have solid financial ratings and excellent customer service.

Q. Can I buy a Medicare Supplement online?

A. At MedicareNational.com, you can now compare rates online with our Medicare Supplement Quote Engine. Keep in mind that not all of the insurance companies allow us to publish their rates. That is why it is best to call us for a no-pressure (ever), no-hassle quote. We can help you find the lowest rates in your area, easy! Best of all, your privacy is everything to us. We will never sell or rent your information to anyone!

Q. Which plan offers the best Medicare Supplement coverage?

A. The Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage of all of the various Medicare Supplement Plans, but determining the best plan for you will depend on your particular health care needs.

Q. Is Medicare Supplemental “guaranteed issue”, or will I have to answer medical questions?

A. If you are new to Medicare (you are just turning 65 for example) you may qualify for a “guaranteed issue” period. There are also other factors that sometimes provide a guaranteed issue, but they are different for different companies and different states. It is important that you call right away as you do not want to miss your window if you are in a guaranteed issue period.

Even if you don’t qualify for a “guaranteed issue,” there are a few reputable Medigap companies that have very few medical questions, so it is possible to get Medigap  coverage (Medicare Supplement health insurance) even if you have pre-existing conditions.

Q. What is the Medicare Supplement Plan N?

A. The Medicare N Plan is one of the newer plans. This plan has been referred to as a “hybrid plan” because it combines cost-sharing at a predictable level. For example, if you had a Medicare Supplement N, you would pay your Part B deductible and a small co-pay (about $20) when you go to the doctor.

Q. Does Supplemental Insurance for Medicare pay for prescriptions drugs?

A. No. In addition to your Medigap Plan, you need to purchase a stand alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP). You can read more about  prescription drug coverage through our Part D link at the top of this page.

Note: There are some Medicare Advantage plans that do combine medical care and a Prescription Drug Plan. If you are interested in Medicare Advantage plans, you can ask us about them when you call.

Q. Can I buy Medicare Supplemental Ins if I am disabled?

A. Some states allow for you to buy Medigap Ins if you are disabled, and some states do not. For example, if you are disabled and live in Texas (and you newly qualify for Medicare), you are only guaranteed the issue of a Medicare Supplement Plan A. In Colorado however, you may qualify for any Medicare Supplement plan.

Q. What does Medigap cost?

A. The cost of Medigap depends on the plan you choose,  the state where you live, your age and possibly your health.

Q. Will I pay less if I go directly to a Medicare Supplement Company?

A. No. The benefit of working with a licensed brokerage is that we can compare Medicare Supplement companies in your area and help you find the lowest rates. In addition, we do an annual review to make sure that you are always getting the best Medicare Supplement coverage at the lowest cost.

Q. How can I get a Medicare Supplement Insurance quote?

A. For Medicare Supplement Insurance quotes, fill out the form above and one of our trusted advisers will contact you within one business day, or call now to 1-877-763-3442.

Get help with your Medicare Supplement now at 877-763-3442.